WL//WH Video of the Day: WINTER SVN “Shame”

Mexican goth post-punk 4-piece Winter Svn, based out of Coacalco, have just released the brand new single “Winter”, following early last year’s 7-track EP “Winter Sun Doesn’t Heat”.

“Shame” unravels ceremonial synth swells undulate passionate pain lurking behind heavy throbbing basslines and light metallic drum taps, as direly dramatic sparkling guitar melodies pierce the treacherous and dull environment, while ancient cracked sermon-esque male vocals cryptically insinuate absolution upon the sweetly sad siren’s shamefully ecstatic sorrows, seeping sinfully into the churning abyss of devilish reprehension.

Esoteric lyrics fatally describe the tarnish left by life’s experiences and the unrecognizable traits that emerge, catching us off guard in their singularly selfish purpose. But in the end, “All we know is Winter Svn doesn’t Heat,” memories of burning passions explored comforts achy cold bones, even if the fire left scars.

The mysteriously provocative video, featuring Jenny Stillman & Daniel Santos, uses grainy, hazed photography as a woman, dressed in clothes from the night before slips silently into bed next to a sleeping man. Black and white flashbacks reveal the hours that led up to the bedroom scene with glimpses of the band playing in a smokey nightclub, cards being dealt at a poker table, and an intense group conversation while the woman, wearing an ornate headpiece, watches from the darkness, her eye a creepy, white, pupilless orb. Static, repetitions, and shadows create an atmosphere of danger and confusion, as the drama plays out making for a deeply engaging delve into one woman’s “Shame.”

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