WL//WH Video Of The Day: WILLIAM DENTON WILDE “Jesus Got A Gun”


Newcastle Upon Tyne based Electro Post-Punk Rocker William Denton Wilde starts the New Year with two videos and a brand new 4-track EP titled “Jesus Got A Gun”.

WDW describes the psychological DIY visuals and the dark and groovy title track “Jesus Got A Gun”

as “Scuzzy and Fuzzy Bass and Drums hooked up with 80s ‘Darkwave’ Synths herald the second coming”

Inner demons drift in the duality and manipulation of societal traditions to illuminate the dire and sinister essence of indoctrinated denial.

Steeped in dangerous nocturnal vibes, “Jesus Got A Gun” emits toxic dusts of despair from the dirty driving brazenness of chunky and chugging bass lines cut in an invigorating array of marching and stomping beats swept by icy bright synth swirls, to stir sassy and soulful male vocal swoons with sinful temptations and shameful confessions, arousing an inescapable desire of dancing and swaying tendencies from the deep and gritty dungeons of dark dystopic doom.

Evocative sepia-tinged imagery layers cryptic spliced codes, universal symbols, and regulated measurements over sensational pop-religious iconography to illustrate an eerie convergence of Science and Religion. Relentless flicker rates assault the subconscious senses with brain wave shifting frequencies to deluge the mind’s eye of suggestibility with confusion and unease, while abstract textures and blurry gradients shade global perceptions with alternate dimensional of manufactured fear.

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