WL//WH Video of the Day: WILDNORTHE “Sour”

Video Of The Day Wildnorthe

Debuted on the national underground music scene in 2015 with the promising EP “Awe”, it took 4 years for the Lisbon-based synth-infused darkwave/post-punk band, Wildnorthe, established by Sara Inglês (synths, voice and percussion) and Pedro Ferreira (voice, guitar and synths), to return, more mature and aware of their means, fueled further by the arrival of the iconic live drummer João Vairinhos (The Youths , LÖBO , Ricardo Remédio), with a first album “Murmur”, co-released through Regulator Records and Raging Planet, at the same time energetic and introspective, as intense and refined.

Wildnorthe have just dropped a provocative video for the new single “Sour”, one of the most rhythmic and high voltage track off their LP.

Cinematic droning menace deflagrates and drifts into gurgling and bouncing bassline along with urgent punchy backbeats, as triumphant, organic synth spew around low sad desperate female vocals that cry impassioned shouts into the hypnotic pulsating gleaming textures, pierced by subdued abrasive guitar wails, wherein lurks, “the other side of me,” howling in pain beneath the bitter surface.

Angry lyrics unravel in pent up rage and revenge, stemming from an overwhelming tension, that refuses to diminish, as questions of love and acceptance blur into manic judgements.

The dramatic visuals, directed by Mário Jerónimo Negrão and Camila Vale, feature Teresa Sardinha and Ana Luísa Caldeira as a couple on the rocks whose relationship reaches a dangerous breaking point. Suspense and anticipation unfold in a bloody plotline laced with ominous foreshadowing time-lapsed across graphic symbolism, and unfocused, blurry memories to delve into the darkly emotional psychological realms of a murder mystery.

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