WL//WH Video of the Day: WHATEVER ETERNITY “All For Nothing”

WL//WH Video of the Day  Whatever Eternity

Whatever Eternity is a new ethereal Goth Spite-Core duo from Brisbane, Australia who aim to

destroy souls with their offering of harsh beauty in a world they reject.” 

starting with their first single/video  “All For Nothing.”

The song welcomes the listener with heavily corrupted 808 drum machines, hell bass, jaded & horny vocals and guitars that go from haunting the graveyard to chaotic murder.

Channelling the surreal and immersive atmospheres of the beloved HTRK, the heady and slow-burning song insinuates resonant pulsing post-punkish bass lines and tinny echoing offbeat snarer through a murky shapeshifting obsession of warm haunting, slightly abrasive, distorted guitar layers with a final emergence of excruciating jarring strains, whilst soft, sultry vocals reflect on an incurable relationship with regret, “All for Nothing.

Visually, a dim, macabre cemetery, barely lit in slivers of sunlight, syncs with the intimate introspection of the soundtrack. Symbolic lights and shadows alter the beauty of windblown wildflowers and flickering reflective puddles while up-close, almost difficult to decipher, camera angles, give the viewer an inside look at the dark, confusing headspace of traumatic love.

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