WL//WH Video Of The Day: WERNER KARLOFF “TV News” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  Werner Karloff

Hailing from Mexico City, Werner Karloff is an electronic craftsman who draws inspiration from the 80s (Post-Punk , Minimal Synth , EBM , New Wave , New Beat , NDW) as well as the artist movements of Futurism, Constructivism and German Expressionism.

A video release, directed by Fernanda Lazo, for the dystopian track “TV News”, taken from EP “Illuminated displays”, soon available also on vinyl format via Young & Cold Records, drives a modern man and machine depiction to the edge with beautiful simplicity, style and killer EBM-tinged vibe.

Vicious warbling bassline treachery absconds with the icy sinister synth stabs, while rapid zipping dimension effects accelerate the extreme moods of incoming danger and chaos, as distant deadpan male vocals decrepitly unleash cold, airy monochromatic ramblings into the relentless, mechanical dance beat momentum.

Lyrics hold references to embedded messages inside mass media communications injected into zombified humans with the malicious intent to steal their soul.

Flashing strobe and static effects transition into black and white scenes containing the recording and production process, skillfully crafted down to the millisecond, involved in the layering of an electronic dance song. Intense digital manipulation syncs keyboard melodies with bass line oscillation, fusing man and machine into a synthetic flow of Korg colour-coordinated shadow boxing rhythms, while flickering eye screens subliminally program lyrics into the numb minds of connected viewers.

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photo by @fernandaimmond