WL//WH Video Of The Day : We Are Waves “Healing Dance”

Video Of The Day

We Are Waves is another band from Turin, Italy, that are about to release their, already, third album titled “Hold” via MeatBeat Records, after a long hiatus of three years since their last successful full length “Promises”.

The group’s sound is clearly influenced by the British new wave of the 80’s, modern electro-pop and as they honestly admit in their biography by most recent bands like The Editors and White Lies, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t brilliantly able of crafting solid and captivating songs in equal parts dark, intense, melancholic and utterly melodic. 

“Healing Dance” epitomizes their mature songwriting, combining steady, driving drums, highly melodic swirling guitar chords and neat riffs, warbling bass lines interwined with darkly sinister keys and a deep, emotional vocals to built a compelling and seductive atmosphere filled with energy and passion, it can’t help but be your earworm for the days to come.

Check out the ‘healing dance’ of the frontman FabioViax’ Viassone around and beyond the city. Last week Turin by night, this time Turin by day, I couldn’t be a better touristic promoter of my hometown, you’ll just have to visit it now, highly recommended!

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