WL//WH Video Of The Day: WAX FUR “Pax Romana”

Video Of The Day WAX FUR 

Active for about six years, at least judging from the Soundcloud page, Birmingham, Alabama 4-piece band Wax Fur, made up of Jacob Boyd, Wyatt Noah, Rumi Kallenbach, and Sav Cook, are finally approaching the release of their long-anticipated debut album, “Dew Rust”, via BIRTHDIY, the lo-fi net label run by California-based Spirit Goth Records, teased by the third single, “Pax Romana”, along with a surreal DIY music video.

The group churns out a heady Lo-fi-Indie-Garage-Noise Pop sound mixed with Psychedelic scents and Post-punk broods, reminiscent of Jesus And Mary Chain, The Raveonettes, Velvet Underground, Crocodiles and The Replacements just to name a few, infused with bewitching fragile melancholic melodies somehow disintegrating into fuzz and distortion.

“Pax Romana” stirs tumultuous, emotional knots to wind wistful harsh, subtly abrasive guitar riffs, laced with rippling and resonant wiry strains, wandering on a vibrant bouncy percussive carpet into distorted, droning obsessions with restless mercurial vocals, transfixed in an aching mental state of envy and awe.

Black and white visuals place candid performance shots under a blurry translucent time-lapsed veil to evoke lost, disconnected moods. Slow disjointed trace overlays, stoic expressions, and shifting personal spaces give the viewer an inside look into Wax Fur’s aloof and edgy style whilst syncing seamlessly with the angsty, nostalgic vibes of the soundtrack.

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