WL//WH Video Of The Day: WALTER FROSCH “Under A Spell”

Video of the Day  Walter Frosch

Following the Swiss New Wave /Post-Punk heritage of 80s synth-driven bands such as Grauzone and Mittageisen by adding a distinctive melancholic pop flair, Schaffhausen based dynamic Synth Wave music project Walter Frosch, comprised of Mike Saxer and Rune Dahl Hansen, have dropped the band’s first bewitching single, “Under A Spell”, the title track from the forthcoming full-length album, “Under A Spell”, due out May 6, 2022 via The Supermarket, along with a DIY immersive video.

Cold, carefree nostalgic Synth Pop infusions stack urgent punchy snares, elastic, bouncy bassline throbs, and harsh shivering synth strains around breathless brooding male vocals longing in sentimental fear and whimsical devotion through intoxicating swirling swathes of helpless desire.

Transfixing 32 GB overlays shift spatial perception over a moody performance. Modern graffiti-strewn urban backdrops alternate with melting psychedelic textures, rotating light orbs, and spinning planets to compose a surreal atmosphere of time-travelling dimensions over an intimate rehearsal of Walter Frosch. Mesmeric, translucent neon-lit suggestions spin transcendental thought forms into the bittersweet melancholy of ruminating romantic lyricism to evoke feelings of isolation and angst amid declarations of love.

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