WL//WH Video Of The Day: WALLS OF POLAND “Your Leather Jacket”


Los Angeles based riotous and frantic electro darkwave project from the singer of Secret MutilatorDarrack Des Roche AKA Walls of Poland drops an addictive DIY music video for the cold and dizzying dancing number, “Your Leather Jacket”, taken from the upcoming full-length album, “Starve Out”, scheduled to be released next mid-October via Hush Club Ltd.

A hypnotic, energetic and throbbing synth-fueled slice of ‘death wave’, “Your Leather Jacket” blurs high-strung synth stabs, a magnetic bouncing bassline, and urgent rambling rhythms into a restless array of anxiety and fear around the cool, unaffected male vocal’s witty caustic replies, whilst glowing keyboard melodies illuminate the murky atmosphere with bright melancholic waves of dancefloor allure.

Confessional lyrics reflect on the shallow idiosyncrasies of an old lover, breath a sigh of relief upon their departure, and happily keep a ‘leather jacket’ as a memento of the affair.

Warped mirror lens reflections capture a minimal manic performance cast in vintage video graphics, remastered. Leapfrog, Pitfall, and Pong dissect a plethora of retro game code, opening doorways to the past to predict future identities and destinations from the highest percentage scores. Quirky animations build new star characters to the classic games, giving nods to the futile issues of obsessive-compulsive behaviours rooted in modern dystopic bliss.

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