WL//WH Video Of The Day: VUKOVAR “Here Are Lions”

Video Of The Day Vukovar

‘Following the death of one of Theirselves, various failures and ever deepening reliances’, enigmatic experimental post-punkers emerge once more from the Brutalist wastelands of the North of England, after a little bit more than one year from ‘The First Death of the group’ marked by their seventh full-length “Cremator”, with a new, stable line up – the NeuPopAct – to announce “The Colossalist”, the 8th LP and part one of the ‘Eternity Ends Here’ triptych (The Colossalist/The Great Immurement/The Body Abdicator); the most ambitious thing attempted by the band and the most wrapped in turmoil.

Renewed confidence in the reliable Russian independent label Other Voices Records to drop the first CD, due out November 15, 2020, in a planned series of releases in collaboration with world-renowned artist Andrzej Klimowski

The first preview comes in the form of the new single, “Here Are Lions”, available, on very limited clear lathe-cut 2-track 7″, via Vukovar’s The Brutalist House (Here).

Dazzling bright synth beams sweep relentlessly with urgent icy drama, sharpened by hissing off-kilter steady rhythms woven with a hypnotically obsessive tight bassline, over haunting emotional male vocals, haloed in high pitched ethereal female exhalations, as they cynically reveal disbelief in a life beyond the veil, amid the churning, reverb fused auras of ominous disconnection.

Black and white video, shot & directed by Rick Clarke, travels between a ritualistic shoreline scene and a suburban backyard conversation, where two masked persons plan a wicked ceremony for an unsuspecting friend. Brilliant drops of light pierce the eerie desolation of a wild overgrown field, while limbs strewn like bones line the blinding blades of grass infused with alternate dimensions of curved luminescence watching, as a hooded figure shaves the head of a fearful newcomer.

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