Established in 2016, Łódź, Poland based heady Experimental Post-Industrial duo Ewelina Masztanowicz and Michał Fryc (also part of industrial band Jude) AKA Vonsechsundachtzig follow their May 2021 EP “Permission to die” with an intense and contemplative pandemic-influenced single/video “Bridge.” 

Introspective lyrics, inspired by a rural wood bridge in the band’s hometown, build a symbolic portal in time where a psychic journey to the past gives comfort to the overwhelming uncertainty of present sorrows.

Surreal, disorienting waves funnel a virtual bridge of warped meandering uneasy melodies, ticking, crisp beats, and low humming bass vibrations around slow aching, atmospheric spoken word vocals, shedding secret whispers, into a droning tension of dread and desire.

Trance-inducing black and white auras enhance the timeless essence of the soundtrack whilst building mystery and suspense using the vast and isolating vibe of the setting. Aerial views withdraw upward to capture an ancient maze of hidden pathways where a solo black-clad wanderer slowly traipses down an old abandoned dirt road. Universal symbols of hope and insight peek through dizzying visions of spinning treetops, hypnotic emotional waters, and decomposing architectures to illuminate doubtful shadows with the brilliant solace of lost wisdom.

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Photo by @khociq