WL//WH Video Of The Day: VOIE 81 “Mon Roy homme (Radio edit)”

Video Of The Day  Voie 81 

Parisian 1980s’ analogical sound inspired, electro wave duo, Voie 81, drop a theatrical video directed by Mariana Lhubac for the multidimensional synthpop number and title track from the new EP “Mon Roy homme”, featuring a trio of international vocalists to personify the essence of a feminine spirit, originally part of last February’s debut album “Ralentir”.

An encapsulating synth-scape weaves asymmetric melodies, harsh reverb-laden transitions, and a warm soaring glow with low vibrating bass tones and skipping beats to create a cerulean universe around “the female voices of three European capitals: Paris, Madrid and Berlin.” A trio of personalities intertwine with a piercing yet soothing high range of frequency, rising powerfully through breathlessly whispered secrets and curious quips, while masculine background chants build an undertow of tension to channel the emerging energies into a harmonious flow of beauty.

Ceremonial lyrics use metaphors of nature to describe the awakening and awareness of the love, adoration, and betrothal found within the union of a woman and man.

Lush landscapes pop depth of color around a dramatic tale about the frightening and unavoidable feminine transition from child to woman. Vast mountain views cast in universal symbols, period piece costumes, and strategic editing techniques blend traditional folklore-ish fantasy with a coming of age story using vivid contrasts, sentient metaphors, and expressive acting skills to elicit a nostalgic longing for innocence amid the harsh brazen reality of change. Embedded within the imagery are hints of Modern technology invading the peaceful countryside with computer-generated suggestions of red and blue deception, while overlays bound in tension and fear soak blood-stained fields for a ritual sacrifice.

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