WL//WH Video Of The Day : VISONIA “Fake Wings”

Video Of The Day

After several releases for excellent labels like Last Known Trajectory, Lux Rec., Electronic Emergencies and the collaboration with Dopplereffekt, the Warsaw-based electronic music producer from Chile, Nicolas Estany is back with a new 6-track album titled “Fake Wings” via Spain’s Waste Editions.

Blurring the lines between techno, electro, minimal wave, coldwave, ambient, Visonia inventive and immaginative blend of electronica, is distinctively melancholic, somewhat introspective, highly melodic but not without a stirring energy and inner strength.
The video lasts only half of the 3 original minutes, enough to be overwhelmed by an enticing and emotionally-crushing epic filled with depth and emotion, the string melodies are evocative, enveloping and airy, grounded by contrast by stark synthetic beats, evoking conflicting sense of euphoria and anxiety, hope and disillusionment.
It’s music with no boundaries, no places, timeless music that warms the heart.
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Visonia – UpToDate Festival, Białystok, Poland-2015