WL//WH Video Of The Day: VIOLET NOX “Varda” (J. Bagist Remix)

Video Of The Day  VIOLET NOX

WL//WH is pleased to welcome again the Boston-based experimental Psych Electronic act, Violet Nox, back to the blog with a video by Sam Correa, for the J. Bagist Remix of “Varda”, the second song on the 7-track 2023 LP “Vortex and Voices” via Somewhere Cold Records (US). The J. Bagist remix, released by 23 SWRecords Germany a sub-label of Aumega Project Germany  is available on Violet Nox‘s bandcamp page.


Varda, in her earthly diminished form, STILL had the strength to reach out into the Cosmos and create stars more glorious than the ones she created when she first entered the universe and was at full power. Varda is the true ruler of the world and the universe. “The light of Illuvatar lives still in her face.”

Surreal and introspective, Varda’s realm by Violet Nox places a leaden sky of jagged zapping synth strains over a river of soft metronomic beats and blurry hypnotic glows, while beautifully evocative vocals rise powerfully toward the stars.

Without the warm inviting vocals of the original, J. Bagist’s remix delivers a cold and doomy sci-fi vibe, injecting, heavy droning tones, glitchy 32 GB effects, repetitive industrial clanking drum patterns, and harsh blowing synth swathes into the ethos, whilst dizzying shifting momentums and a distorted vocal loop of lost abandon, put the finishing discordant touches on the post-apocalyptic vision.

Heady geometric visuals by Sam Correa sync an abstract flow of subconscious thought forms with the disruptive action of the soundtrack. Stacked cubes and linear progressions blur and strobe in mesmeric frequencies to evoke feelings of frustration and disconnection at the hands of an unknown interference.

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