WL//WH Video Of The Day : VIOLET NOX “Swan Pond”

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Joining forces in the Fall of 2015 as a five-piece, Massachusetts’ psychedelic band Violet Nox, began a, Boston-baked experimental lush-noise project, combining electronics with elements of post-punk and psychedelia to create an abstract yet mellifluous tapestry of tension & release.”

The successful release of the single “Snow King” in 2016 led to 2017 debut album, “Nebula”, recorded by Gary War (solo releases on Sacred Bones and Spectrum Spools), via UK label Reverb Worship “where essences both ethereal and chaotic have coalesced into five unique sound collages.”

Actually regrouped as a 4-piece, with original members Dez DeCarlo (guitar, vocals), Karen Zanes (guitar, vocals), Andrew Abrahamson (electronic drums) along with new arrival Alexis Desjardins (bass synth and tape machine), the group have just dropped the DIY video release for “Swan Pond,” as part of the upcoming 2 track EP (with a bonus remix by fellow Bostonian Miss Geo“Twin Flame” EP, due out on November 2, 2018, on ltd. CDs, via UK imprint Sleep Fuse Records

Soft kick drums and deep pulsing bass mingle in a subtly shifting hum drowned in a hypnotic and humid wash of reverb and tremolo weaving with muddy and wistful fuzzy guitar slides in shimmering and hazy sonic spirals as soothing, submerged, and ethereal vocals consumed by the fire of passion simmer underneath.

An ecstatic and euphoric expression of newfound love draped in subtle layers of mind-blowing cascading fuzz and feedback, droning synth and smooth percussion patterns of unaltered flowing bliss and elation.

A song about fate, unity, and love. A path is revealed through the clear waters of an eternal spring allowing two hearts and souls the freedom to explore, bond and unite in an eternal fire of love and passion…

The accompanying video shot on location at The Boston Public Garden, The Salem Witch Trials Memorial in Salem, MA, and at The Mount (Edith Wharton‘s estate) in Lenox, MA shows mind-bending images of swans, sunflowers, and other elements of nature morphing and uniting into “twin flames” over John Proctor’s grave.

A majestical, trance-inducing, all-consuming delight for the senses!

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