WL//WH Video of the Day: VIOLENTENE “Thin Lines”

Video of the Day  VIOLENTENE

Following last year’s one-off single “Break The Silence”, Ottawa, Canada-based Synth Pop/Dark Pop duo Violentene, made up of Mvrijo (vocalist) and Roland M (synths, instruments), are back with a single/video, by R. Marckwort, Mvrijo, and Alexis Zeville, for the 80s-tinged, soulful and enveloping song “Thin Lines”, in anticipation of the October 20, 2023 release of the EP “Human Drama.”

“Thin Lines” had its genesis in 2022 as a synth patch. Inspiration came quickly in moments of clarity, the song then passed onto Mvrijo and ruminated over until a solid structure appeared – definitely not overthought, to keep the initial vibe and emotion intact and pure.

Glowing mercurial spirals of bittersweet melancholy flow through warm buzzing temperamental synth wanderings, underlined by rapid heart-skipping drum beats and humming oscillating bass lines, to layer swirling vibrant emotive mists with an agony and ecstasy of breathless vocal longings, across a swaying and sparkling thin line of broken dreams.

Psychological visuals by R. Marckwort, Mvrijo, and Alexis Zeville, shot on location at some of the most iconic landscapes in Ottawa, Canada, star Kari Duguay as a lost soul whose desperate attempt to escape a sinister dark force leads to an intimate journey of self-discovery and freedom. Double visions, edgy style, and suggestive poses rouse inner demons of fear, denial, and recklessness to leave a lost soul searching for answers in dangerous places. Strategic editing of symbols, lights, and shadows, along with on-point acting by Kari Duguay brings forth the traumatic lyrical content, to sync seamlessly with the out-of-control intoxicating effects of the soundtrack.

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