WL//WH Video Of The Day : VIOLENCE “Le Flux de la Nature”

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Quebec based, Canadian duo Violence, comprised of Eric Trottier et Julie Morand-Ferronpart, part of the fervent synth electronic underground scene mainly grown around Montréal‘s label Visage Musique along excellent acts like Automelodi, Brusque Twins, Xarah Dion, Police De Moeurs just to name a few, are just released the 4-track 10inch EP “Le Flux de la Nature” via Rotterdam’s Electronic Emergencies label.

“Le Flux de la Nature” is made of repetitive robotic electronic beats, strong, pulsing bass and the accumulation of eerie and creepy, hypnotic icy synth lines. The innocent, sometimes inquisitive and frightening female French vocals evoke a sense of intrigue and mystery, creating curiosity into what the true inner nature of man would be if truly free from the control of society’s and God’s law.

Elegantly blending synthetic pop and experimentalism, new wave and coldwave, Violence‘s music has a distinctive  evocative and magnetic quality, both intense and effective, full of multiple enticing electronic nuances.

In the amazing DIY video, filtered through darken images, the duo hide from the sun symbolizing their hidden violent natures inherent to all humans. The shadows represent their true nature of violence as shown by shadowed hands creeping up the stairs as if to kill or strangle the innocent.

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