WL//WH Video Of The Day: VIOLENCE AGAINST MAN “Drown In The Night” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  Violence Against Man

Started in 2021, the Linz-based ever-evolving solo music project Violence Against Man ceaselessly explores the dark electronic fringes of Darkwave, Synthwave and EBM.

The Austrian artist returns to WL//WH with an Official Video by Pilatus and Rivardo Trimarda Kusuma for the new single “Drown In The Night,” via Madrid-based label Polypiel Records, the follow-up to last January’s third full-length album “The Beautiful Death.”

Drown In The Night” is a dark Retro-futuristic romantic adventure that obsessively bounces and rolls through glassy neon stacks of resonant tinkly plucks and anxious icy bright swirly synth melodies, over steady skipping beats and humming bass pulses, to shroud, nervous, emotional vocals, at times aching impassioned cries, with warm, strobing auras of alluring sweet lies.

Super cool Blade Runner-esque visuals, edited by Pilatus (of Polypiel records) with footage by Rivardo Trimarda Kusuma, bring a sci-fi vision to the mysterious lyrics by syncing a Tokyo-inspired computer-generated setting with the soundtrack. An imaginative and well-outfitted cast of characters ranging from a geisha warrior, a scary, horned demon, and an edgy transhuman seductress shuffle with other-worldly alchemical fascinations, and an appearance by Violence Against Man himself, to manifest a hard Cyberpunk and Soft Vaporwave aesthetic to get lost in.

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