WL//WH Video Of The Day: VILLA VIDE “Distant Zone” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day   VILLA VIDE                    

Villa Vide is the enigmatic French atmospheric Coldwave project of Orson Wald, whose dark yet summery DIY Official Video/song, “Distant Zone,” takes a slow waltz into an unknown territory and is also a dedication to all who share discomfort with social contracts.

Ethereal and lysergic, a humming bass floor grounds a thick murky realm of heavy plodding beats, and suspended blurry stirring shivers of solemn chiming guitar melodies laced with plaintive distorted drifts, and tinkly harpsichord-like swirling arpeggio, as drowsy baritone vocals deeply long to live quietly alone in a “Distant Zone.”

There is a second dedication attached to the song, “to all the people who enjoy wild nature, forests, oceans and mystery”, experienced in the breath-taking DIY visuals, shot on location along the Dordogne and the Lot in France, and by the sea of Brittany in Finistère. The Art installations are by Henk Slomp.

Wind-blown white fabrics, flowers and light orbs set a whimsical mood for a translucent Villa Vide, playing the guitar like a ghost in an ethereal realm of summer magic. Prismatic rays strategically bleed lush color into more abstract natural landscapes to create a spiritual, timeless effect where starlight penetrates the sea before swirling into a fantasy of snowing petals.

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