WL//WH Video Of The Day: VIGILANCE STATE “First Class”

Video Of The Day  Vigilance State

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK based Dark Wave duo, Vigilance State, create a compelling dystopian analogue soundscape blending a synthesis of resonant vocals, mournful minimalism, and brutalist bass to drop a subliminal video for the immersive new single “First Class.”

A hypnotic throwback to the 80s channels the vestiges of 1978‘s “Warm Leatherette” by The Normal to ignite menacing droning bass pulses to prowl through a layer of steady backbeats, icy-bright sparkling synth strains and eerie warped electronic glows forming a relentless mechanical force around the robotic dual male/female vocals releasing dire warnings and trickling ailments into the encroaching frequencies of a secretive “First Class” society.

Smoke and mirrors alternate vintage memories of airline travel, exhaustive party scenes, and present-day robotics to form an illuminating statement piece about modern dystopic disillusionment. A rapid sequence of images lit in an urgent computerized vibe fuels greed, over-consumption, addiction, and class systems into a rapid pace of toxicity. A backward flow of motion reveals facial grid surveillance from the air to the streets. Luxury lifestyles gorge on rich foods at the expense of starving the masses, leaving abandoned cities lined with homeless drug users, while the crooked system uses heat-seeking auras, negative light photography, and X-ray technology to further the global agenda of extermination.

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