WL//WH Video Of The Day: VIENTONEGRO “Romper” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day   VIENTONEGRO

José C. Paz, Argentina’s based Anarchist Post-Punk duo Miriam Coronel (synthesizers, vocals) and Anibal Errandonea (bass) AKA Vientonegro drop a dramatic video directed by filmmaker, writer and producer Cesar Gonzalez for the bewitching new track “Romper”, a sneak peek from the forthcoming second EP “Howls Against The Machine”, scheduled for release in early 2023, co-released with Argentina’s independent labels Fuego Amigo Discos and Postales Discos.

Typical of the band’s fiery Electro-Punk style buzzing with resonant Technoid undercurrents and rattling Post-Industrial rhythm patterns, “Romper” rouses dark disruptive deceptions from ominous droning bass swarms, swirling synthetic drones and marching, clapping beats to surround dreamy, drawn-out vocal breathes with surreal distorted echoes and cool devious inebriations, alchemically rising and falling in disorienting momentums of doleful, dangerous desire.

Cesar Gonzalez‘s directed gripping cinematic video syncs the urgent defiant nuances of the soundtrack with edgy urban imagery to drip visions of modern social activism with feelings of purpose, excitement, and rebellion. Angsty adolescent lifestyles dance on a razor’s edge to cast suggestive violence, ego-driven highs, and careless abandon to the wind whilst serving the collective ambition of destructive unseen forces.

Vientonegro‘s sophomore EP Howls Against The Machine, is slated for release, in early 2023, in conjunction with Fuego Amigo Discos and Postales Discos.

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