WL//WH Video Of The Day: VIDEOTRAUM “Ritual”

Video Of The Day  Videotraum 

Hamburg, Germany’s Dark Wave/Synth Pop duo Videotraum weave melancholy, longing, energy, and pain into an intoxicating soundscape that lies somewhere between the deep, mystical forests of dreams and the gritty industrial vibes of a modern metropolitan romance to build a tenebrous mercurial realm of glittering electro fantasy in the latest video release for the brand new single “Ritual.”

Restless untamed emotions stir twinkling icy bright synth melodies with low, primal bass pulses and heart-racing beats to carry the breathless vocal anxiety of collective moods from old nocturnal thought-forms into a shaded sparkling, whimsical twilight of urban animal ritual and lore.

The atmospheric DIY video travels eerily through shadowy washes of dark city chaos and foggy enchanted forests to align lost and severed connections with a comforting force from a past existence. Unlit streets cast murky visions and fearful shadows over a wild wolf pack’s narrow mentality, to search for meaning from the forgotten memories of Mother Nature’s ancient wisdom. A lonely, raging bonfire projects a harmony of light from the hallowed grounds of ancestors, where communal gatherings lit young souls afire with shape-shifting ideas and ghostly reflections to harness wild passions into tribal knowledge for future insight.

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