WL//WH Video Of The Day: VERTÉBRE “Let Him decide”

Video Of The Day  Vertèbre

Rennes, France Industrial Rock-charged, Electro/Coldwave duo Vertèbre, made up of Ron Kring & Zach Spectre, drop an eye-opening music video, by Ron Kring herself, for the magnetic shadowy dance track “Let Him decide”, taken from the band’s 2020 first digital album “Vertèbre”.

Decadent defiance sparks pulsing buzzing bassline’s menace, airy high-pitched expanding synth swirls, crisp clanging percussions and steady, dancing rhythms, to fuel strong expressive female vocalizations stacking sassy, caustic yells, sweet, celestial atmospheric croons, and frustrated omens into an intoxicating concoction of coldwave frequencies drenched in dark distorted dreams.

Ominous lyrics merge the past and present’s cancel culture of fear and hatred with references about the lost innocence, judgement, and persecution violations occurring during the historic Witchcraft Trials.

An all-inclusive shroud of anonymity cloaks an emerging figure of insight, whilst hidden dangers and misleading agendas lurk systematically in the backdrop. Blurry transitions bridge an enchanting flow of motion using sweeping camera work to capture an expanse of cloudless grey skies and colourful, wild blooms igniting the mind’s eye of imagination with lush magic. Red and blue artificial dimensions outline deceptive auras with bipolar hues to transform a nocturnal bonfire evocation into a sinister ceremony of fright in opposition to the true healing forces of ethereal sunshine.

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