WL//WH Video Of The Day: VENUS IN NOISE “Hope”

Video Of The Day  Venus In Noise  

HackneyLondon-based noisy Post Punkers Aphrodite Goulioumi (vocals, lyrics), Pablo Casadey (guitar, synths, vocals), with the support of DewanDean Soomary (bass, guitar, synths), AKA Venus In Noise, drop an intimate DIY video shot on location in the Soho district of London, by Atlantes.tv, for the third single “Hope“.

The band deftly mix syncopated synthetic rhythms and edgy guitar scrapes into a mechanical, erratic, danceable Post-punk-meets-New Wave stomper, through urgent droning bouncy bass pulses and tight skipping beats, cut by obsessive sharp jagged 6-string riffs and bubbling synths, to surround confident, dreamy, layered female vocals with mercurial whims and dangerous passions, amid secret whispers and angsty caustic echoes, searching for miracles through a lens of curiosity, strength, and ‘hope.’ 

A gritty, urban video, by Atlantes.tv, captures a groovy walk down the city streets of London’s Soho District to explore, friendship, inspiration, and dreams. A dynamic and magnetic duo clad in edgy retro ’80s style casts punk-infused attitudes, neon-tinged moods, and animated poses along a busy novelty strewn thoroughfare to engage in a carefree day of wandering through life’s modern dystopic blues.

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