WL//WH Video of the Day: VELVET VEGA “Collapsing”

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Young Blood is following in the path of Italian goth darkwave bands like Hapax and Ash Code that have made quite an impressive name for themselves, especially abroad with increasingly appreciated releases and admired live performances.

Velvet Vega is a brand new post-punk/electro-punk/darkwave duo from Livorno, Tuscany consists of Chiara Lucarelli (lead vocals, synths) and Francesco Sorgente (guitar, programming.) They left their previous band, “Love Thieves” to pursue music more representative of themselves dealing with themes of dark and emotional insecurities. The first fruits of their labor were produced in the Summer of 2018 with their debut album “Collapsing” due to be released on November 30 via Swiss Dark Nights label.

The homonym first video-single, “with its powerful synth and guitar riffs, is highly explosive, dynamic and it shouts loud the pain of living in an increasingly detached world” has just been dropped. 

Eerie ominous synths, rapid pounding drum beats, and distorted reverb drenched guitar overwhelm the angry, disappointed, and distorted screams that are at time fed-up cries. Heavy penetrating anamorphic treble guitar creates a melody of urgency emphasizing the chaotic, suppressed, and censored environment that the vocals are trying permeate.

A song about complacency, isolation, and rebellion. In a collapsing, dark dire place where nobody cares or helps others, a woman becomes angry and wants to change things despite believing, “the world is over.” Depressed, alone, and rebellious she builds the strength and decides, “we need to fight” or at the very least, “start to try.”

The accompanied video, shot and produced by Stargazer Pictures, portrays a Post-Apocalyptic violent city engulfed in a red haze. Amidst the mayhem of guns, robberies, and bags of money a woman dressed elegant yet tough walks the streets held held high. A virtual movie of guitar playing is layered between the woman and city. At the end, she is involved in a shoot-out, instead of taking the bag of cash the shooter gently picks her up and walks away.

An harrowing honest look at current events and the challenges we face in a world of denial and ignorance.

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