WL//WH Video Of The Day: VEIK “Château Guitar”

Video Of The Day VEIK

French experimental 3-piece band from Caen, Veik, centred around analogue synths and abrasive instrumentation of guitar and drums, approach the release of their debut 10-track LP “Surrounding Structures”, about the physical and social structures that surround us, and how they shape us as individuals and collectives, with an immersive video, created by Leo Gack, for the instrumental, hallucinatory and unhinged, ‘kraut meets techno’, new single “Château Guitar”.

Low ominous low ends glow ceremoniously underneath obsessive high needling guitar tenacity to rise in strength and buzzing frequency amid nervous tinkling cymbal lilt and squelchy disruptions gathering steam-powered mechanical momentum with blurring 6-string slivers lingering hypnosis, while yelps and howls expand backwards through tunnels of connected echoes, driving the waning tide of despair into an abrasive circumference of oblivion.

Leo Gack directs the accompanied 16mm visual flow of consciousness by combining monotonous machinery clips with spotlight rehearsal shots, and an intriguing blend of stop animation photography. The assembly line momentum of neurotic gadgets alternates with a dark performance shrouded in carnivorous shadows and pinpoint light rays to form a disconnected boundary between man and machine, while a surreal landscape forms colorful clips with PIP tunnels of existence, flowing silken fabrics, and a smiling old lady who merges the alternate dimensions into a glorious flow of synchronicity.

Veik‘s debut LP “Surrounding Structures” is due for release April 30th via London-based Fuzz Club Records.

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