WL//WH Video Of The Day: VARSOVIE “L’Offensive”

 Video Of The Day  Varsovie

Grenoble, France Post-Punk Rockers Grégory Cathérina and Arnault Destal AKA Varsovie release an immersive Earth lovers video, directed by The Windy Burrow, for “L’Offensive”, the last and most moving song yet from the band’s last June’s fourth album, “L’Ombre et la Nuit”, released on Vinyl/CD and Digital formats through Icy Cold Records.

Modern dystopic poetry paints a dire portrait of our current state of world affairs where the deception, manipulation, and ideals of a few capture and stun the masses with numbing, invisible, and inverted fears.

Stark, chilling moods sew the inexorable penetrating pain from obsessive glistening guitar string’s relentless searing emotional distress through ominous, swelling basslines and restless, erratic rhythms to awaken a rambunctious force of agitated expression and sentiment around the domineering strength of intense, frenetic, and evocative male spoken vocals rising and falling in oppressed anxieties under a maniacal control of corrosive darkness to unfold daringly into an emerging tide of newfound fate.

The awe-inspiring video, created by The Windy Burrow, transforms a dim, dense, and extravagant expanse of nature’s beauty into sprawling panoramic views of disrupted motion to create an intoxicating dream-like sequence paused in breath-taking sadness. Snow dusted pine trees breathe majestic fog-filled plumes of carbonated tears to gather vitality and sustainability from a shining stream’s reflective ripples of crying rains. Narrow pathways carve slivers of hope through chaotic waves of unseen dread, whilst slow time-lapsed auras build anxiety and suspense in sync with the urgent demeanour of the soundtrack to evoke keen global insight from heartbreaking melancholy.

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