WL//WH Video of the Day: VARSOVIE “Kissa Kouprine”

Video Of The Day Varsovie

More than 2 years since their third LP, “Coups et Blessures”, French Post-Punk / Dark Rockers Arnault Destal (lyrics, drums, music) and Grégory Catherina (vocals, guitars, music), AKA Varsovie, release a subconscious video for ‘Kissa Kouprine‘, the first single off their fourth and darkest album thus far, “L’Ombre et la Nuit“, scheduled for release in April 2021 via Icy Cold Records.

Claustrophobic tension winds relentless, ringing guitar abrasion, disruptive latent beats, and simmering bassline pulses into an undulating flood of turmoil to overwhelm distressed, urgent male vocals in a trembling, airless exhalation of ominous, looming danger.

Introspective lyrics, inspired by the 1929/1930s French model and actress of Russian and Hungarian origins Ksenia Alexandrovna Kuprina, best known with the stage name of Kissa Kouprine, reveal an obsession for lost dreams, triggering mechanisms, and an eternal quest to find them by clinging to the past.

“L’Ombre et la Nuit” LP cover

Black and white video, directed by Deborah Sheedy, blends negative light photography over a hypnotic choreographed dance sequence, containing universal symbols of anxiety and fear. A film noir surrealist landscape rolls mirror images to block new thought, causing erratic body movements to flutter and spin like a moth to a flame, flying perilously close to demise, easing discomfort from pain.

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