WL//WH Video Of The Day: VAGUE “Far Away”

Video Of The Day    VAGUE

Split between Vienna and Berlin, the multifaceted pop five-piece band, Vague, follow the impromptu mother tongue affair of their previous kraut-tinged, “Elektrische Tage”, with the third and final single from their upcoming third album “Out Soon” on Siluh Records, accompanied by a transfixing DIY music video. 

The nostalgic and poignant simmering rocking ballad, “Far Away”, addresses an intense emotional anxious punch lead by an organic round pulsing bassline that melds with strummed and glistening, obsessive guitar textures, underpinned by slow relentless drum beats, to heighten the piercing and aching magnetism of tragically numb and forlorn male vocals into a brief electrifying and searing 6-string lick interlude of tense and angsty passions.

‘Far Away’ single cover

The intoxicating video uses a dark and minimal set to shroud an intimate solo performance in mystery and romance. Windblown drapes, dim-lit candles, and secret shadows create a sexy, ceremonial experience in sync with the dramatic melancholy of the soundtrack, whilst zoom lens, sweeping camera views, smoky auras, and restrained body language cast surreal and hypnotic moods over the dramatic clip.

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