WL//WH Video Of The Day: UTOLSÓ HULLÁM “Ez a reggel sem az enyém” (Official Music Video)

Video Of The Day  Utolsó Hullám

Definitely a year to remember for the Hungarian four-piece Gothic Rock unit from Budapest, Utolsó Hullám (Last Wave in English), celebrated by the long-awaited release of their debut album “Szárnytalan angyal/ Wingless Angel”.

Purveyor of an intense, dark, brooding drum-machine driven Gothic Post-punk sound ala Sisters Of Mercy, the quartet, made up of Árpád (Motyó) Jakab (vocals, guitar, lyrics), Tamás Némedi (lead guitar), Csongor Szegi (bass), and Richárd Buda (Synths, Drum Machine), have shared the Official Music Video for “Ez a reggel sem az enyém / This morning is not mine either”.

“The good old story of divinity and sacrifice, “Szárnytalan angyal |Wingless Angel” deals with lovers, existentialist crisis situations, and endless good times. It has both slow songs for daydreaming and up-tempo songs for your favorite goth club.”

A sinister pervasive sorrow from “Ez a reggel sem az enyém / This morning is not mine either” churns through a mesmeric murky tunnel of steady cold drum beats along with snaky pulsing moody bass lines, ceaselessly pierced by harsh abrasive agonizing guitar riffs, and glistening echoing melancholic laments, whilst haunted forlorn vocals long in restless isolation, to talk with a ex-lover.

Surreal, otherworldly visions shuffle red glowing performance footage with an outdoor ancient ruin setting to invoke the dramatic Gothic vibes of the soundtrack. Seamless translucent editing fuses an intoxicating live show set with backstage warm-up shots and organic sunlit rays to give the viewer an up-close and personal look at Utolsó Hullám while swaying to the darkly emotional tune.

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