WL//WH Video of the Day: URCO “Alone”

Video of the Day Urco

Analogue synth / electronic musician Urco (El Urco is a dog from Galician and Asturian mythology) has been consistently releasing tracks on Soundcloud and Bandcamp for the past two years and has built up an impressive discography. Based in Boiro, Northern Spain this one-man show is “about an analog electronic project based on synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines of the second half of the 20th century. Mythic synthesizers such as the Korg MS20 are present in the music of Urco, as well as the Volca series by Korg and mythical machines such as the Roland MC 505. With all of them synthetic melodies and oneiric and heavy rhythms that remember from bases of Kraut to electronics closer in time, passing through songs with melodic sequences.”

A new video for “Alone” taken from the new EP “The Rise, the Love and the Fall” has been released.

Hypnotic repetitive beats and kicks, deliberate deep buzzing synths rise and fall at different tones, and restrained pulsing bass melody coalesces into an ambience of clarity, absorption, and awareness. Light croons swell into strong vibrations as gentle, calming, resonant vocals of acceptance, wisdom, and experience sing about being, “Alone with your soul.” Space odyssey synths ebb and flow with intensity and fervour blasting off as lone, melodic, sombre bass notes slowly fade away wistfully.

The companion video uses aerial photography as it follows a lone car through beautiful mountains, snow-scapes, and the desert. Time-lapse photography controls nature in mystifying ways as nightfall drops and busy city lights encapsulate the scene. The lyrics of the song are presently tying the video and song beautifully.

Extensive reverberations and massive frequency spectrum, create a mind-altering experience of depth and dimension.

Urco has started also a collaborative project with another very talented Spanish musician/producer called Oscuridad Romántico, a 5-track EP has been just dropped, check it out here.

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