WL//WH Video Of The Day: URAL MOUNTAINS “Normandy”

Video Of The Day Ural Mountains

Ural Mountains, the DIY indie-rock project, created in 2013, by Buenos Aires-based, French musician Cyril Degilles, drops an engaging video for the sentimental, jangle-guitar laden, dreampop tune, dedicated to his native land, “Normandy”, taken from last March’s 8- track album, “Synthetic Lights”, via Texas‘ independent label Chavalote Records.

Nostalgic lyrics brood in the recollections of an uncomplicated youth as obsessive, bleeding jangly guitar melodies drive anxious urgency through low throbbing bass lines, and quick heart skipping beats to elicit fearful memories from soft breathless male vocal’s atmospheric angst of childhood dreams, building a neurotic frenzy that culminates amid dramatic sighs of cathartic energy.

Hypnotic backward flow of time blurs a muted neon-lit performance with memorable retro visuals of pop culture phenomenon. VHS, vintage video games, and cheat codes fast flash with iconic bands, cult movies, and t.v. shows from the 90s to build a recollective stream of consciousness cut in glitchy editing effects. Hazy light streams form new constellations, reflections, and migrations into a strobing cacophony of images to merge man and machine into an endless flow of the mind’s eye of imagination.

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