WL//WH Video of the Day: URAL MOUNTAINS “Lack of Slackers”

Video Of The Day Ural Mountains

Ural Mountains, the DIY solo project, started in 2013, by Normandy bred, Buenos Aires-based musicians Cyril Degilles, has shared the first video, mastered by Juan Olima “Oli”, for the new tune “Lack of Slackers”, a preview from the upcoming album “Synthetic Lights” due out July 2020, distributed by Chavalote Records (America/US/Can) and Pinki Records (Eur).

Intimate and delicate, but at the same time intense and disturbing, with an intriguing lo-fi flair, immersed in a hazy sun-drenched ecstatic aura of bittersweet melodies, “Lack of Slackers” exudes carefree summer days lost to daydreams and faraway fantasies found within light nostalgic guitar chords, low sinuous bassline, subtly filling synth, and soft rolling drumbeats, as floating ethereal male vocals caress reminiscent longing, amid the whispered fading clouds of hopeless innocence.

Lyrics regarding wrong decisions, lost time, and “a kind of ghost in my house”, paint a dire picture of tragedy and regret.

Vintage vibe video combines 1950s era backdrop lined in palm trees, sunny skies, and retro cars with a gang of monkey masked suburban bicycle riders set on a path of mayhem and destruction in a dark comedy accompaniment.

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