WL//WH Video Of The Day: URAL MOUNTAINS “Kamikaze”

Video Of The Day Ural Mountains

Ural Mountains is the DIY dream-pop/shoegaze solo project, started in 2013 by Normandy born, Buenos Aires-based musician Cyril Degilles, who has shared a video for the new tune “Kamikaze” from his forthcoming album “Synthetic Lights”, distributed by Chavalote Records (America/US/Can) and Pinki Records (Eur).

Infused with Arthur Lee’s Love haunting psych-pop moods, “Kamikaze” unfurls eerie twinkling notes to emit an ominous vibe over the energetic, slightly abrasive momentum of guitar strumming, pierced by wistfully sparkling guitar bleeds, while subtle bass tremors swept in steady punchy drum beats, hypnotically flow underneath the rasp of dreamy troubled male vocals, layering cool atmospheric disturbia into the surging intensity of heavy desperation.

Poetic lyrics use repetition and symbolism to create a discomforting air of restless uncertainty and dread as a mood of obsession builds into the unsettling chorus, “I know where you are.”

Gold plated gas masks adorn the faces of two business class drones panhandling for money from working-class steelworkers along the streets of a Detroit skyline. Vintage clips cast in iconic images of car factories, dilapidated buildings, and protests against the failing system, draw uncanny parallels to the current state of affairs, as empty theatre seats, a dim-lit night lounge, and cloudy grey skies over dismal faces hone in on the dire emotional effects trickling down from above.

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