WL//WH Video Of The Day: URAL MOUNTAINS “Haunting East”

Video Of The Day Ural Mountains

A regular here on the blog, Ural Mountains the solo Shoegaze/Dream Pop DIY project of Argentina denizen, French musician Cyril D, celebrates 10 years of activity by unveiling the first single/video, “Haunting East”, taken from the fourth album “Dead Oceans”, scheduled for release later in the year, via the Buenos Aires-based independent label No Me Escucho Records.

“Haunting East” is the first song I wrote for this album, it has a Post-Punk influence for the bass line and dream-pop for the melody of the voice. I wrote that song during COVID talks about a kind of mental claustrophobia during that time.

Nostalgic, anxious, alienating moods pulled from the urgent drive of brisk drum beats, humming, meandering bass lines, and obsessive, shimmery angsty guitar outflows, shiver and vibrate headily around feather-light wistful vocal dread layered with sad murmurs, epitomizing the disconnected, out-of-body experience, felt during a worldwide crisis.

Immersive DIY black-and-white visuals blend a high-energy performance with shapeshifting elements and transformative lights and shadows to evoke the sublime dissociation of the soundtrack. Surreal overlays shift time and space around the blurred band to create a protected psychedelic vision, where creativity and catharsis take place.

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