WL//WH Video Of The Day: UNEIMA “L’étreinte”

Video Of The Day Uneima

Some of you could recall Fiasco, the Parisian indie 4-piece we featured twice last year, at the time of their debut 6-track EP “Duel” with their intense and melancholic sound, blurring the fine lines between dream pop and new wave.

On the same introspective and poignant atmospheric yet stripped-down path, Uneima is the indie-pop solo project from the band’s guitarist, who, after the self-released EP “Les Nuits Blondes” in 2018 and appearances on compilations of such labels as Z Tapes and La Souterraine, assisted by label-mate and half of Heliums, Baptiste Leroy on the production helm, is going to drop soon his debut full-length LP, through the usual fellow label In Silico Records, just preceded by the first single/video “L’étreinte”.

Distant tickling snares fade into shuffling slow steady beats along with glowing resonant keys notes, as subdued shimmering guitar strings and bittersweet clear synth swells, form a calm undertow for soft, sensual, impassioned male vocals shift to slurred, layered vocalizations amid soaring, distressed atmospheres bursting in euphoric intensity.

Nostalgic lyrics delve into a fertile landscape rich in emotional intimacy, “I saw my eyes, for the first time, in yours and my breath, always runs after yours, when we hug,” to reveal a hard, cold urban loneliness warmed by the burning desires of distant love.

Tranquil video awash in a vintage vibe slowly revolves backwards through time depicting a scenic drive along the shore split into three frames of the ocean, mountain, and car travelling against the backdrop of lyrical flow. Momentum shifts with a beautiful smile onto shimmering red nails piercing through the darkness of imagination down a slow sensual caress into bliss.

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