WL//WH Video of the Day: UNDERTHESKIN “Poison”

Video of the Day UNDERTHESKIN

The powerful and edgy post-punk-charged blast of “Negative” LP, released last March through Spanish independent label Oraculo Records, from Krakow, Poland based one-man studio project / live trio Undertheskin rooted around the vocals, lyrics and all instruments by Mariusz Łuniewski, ‘will stay for long in your players’ guaranteed our Mike in his review here.

As a reminder, here is the new haunting video, directed by Rytis Titas, for the track “Poison”.

Solitary drone alarm, heartbeat kicking pulses, and sinister synth drives strike through the quiet tension echoing as sultry, shamed, and harrowing vocals plead worried angst over a toxic relationship.  Angry, reverb-laden searing guitar stabs give omens of warning and evolve into intense cutting bleeding distortion as throbbing baselines bounce and foreboding synths deliver ominous mechanical beats and dangerous yet addictive cyber spawn melodies swinging along with sinister lure and ominous obscure suggestions.

A break-up takes on a life of its own as a man discloses his fears and anxieties.  He depicts “an endless curse” consuming all aspects of their life, “In the way we talk and the way we live.” As if obsessed by a demon he recollects when they could, “taste the poison from each others mouth.”  Conflicted, he disavows the union, but he seems tantalized and vexed by the power it reigns as if he has no choice.

Dramatic supernatural visuals illustrate the conclusion to the traumatic tale. Harrowing analogue synths clatter like thunder around a woman cast in shadows as she pours the contents of a vial into a drink. A man in a strange mask sits down and drinks as she waits in nervous anticipation set against the backdrop of a haunted mirror leading to a basement doused in accelerant with a match waiting to fall.

Super sexy vocals with dark lyrics enveloped in menacing and dangerous sounds reflected in a thrilling video that is sure to equally shock, awe and wonder.

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