WL//WH Video Of The Day: ULYSSE MARSHALL “A New Smell” (Official Video)


Ulysse Marshall is a Lausanne, Switzerland-based, Uruguayan-native Post-Punk independent songwriter, vocalist, and musician, who conjures up the most atmospheric and dream-laden melancholic glimmers of the 80s Post-Punk / New Wave past in the present with a fresh and genuine attitude.

After last October’s release of his long-anticipated debut album, “Ghost Dragons”, the Swiss artist has shared a video clip by Kyd Barrett for the third track from it, titled “A New Smell.”

The song evokes sad, bittersweet nostalgia glazed over with fuzzed-out blurry distortion from insistent glistening guitar riffs and spectral lonesome keyboard layers, intensified by willowy wistful bass lines and steady hypnotic rhythms, whilst strong heartfelt croons, haunted by a broken past, remain present and find stability in the here and now.

Cinematic black and white visuals by Kyd Barrett create a somehow uplifting accompaniment to the macabre fascination of the soundtrack. A hillside cemetery sets the backdrop for a pensive poet whose cathartic journaling summons, perhaps, the dancing ghost of a lost loved one. The striking sunset finale, along with the strategic placement of symbolic props and wardrobe, really establish a solid vision for the lyrical sentiments.

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