WL//WH Video Of The Day: ULTRA SUNN “Young Foxes”

Video Of The Day  ULTRA SUNN

Brussels, Belgium Electro/Coldwave/Darkwave duo Sam Hugé (synth, vocals) and Gaelle Souflet (synth, drum machine) drop a captivating self-directed video starring Arthur Marbaix, Merlin Vervaet, and Louise Jacob for the psychological dance track “Young Foxes” (a metaphor used to describe the deceptive lifestyle of the never-ending party), first preview from upcoming second 6-track EP, “Body Electric”, due to be released on September 24, 2021, via Cold Transmission Music.

Channelling the dark and tortured nuances of Depeche Mode’s synthesized self-eviscerating revelations, “Young Foxes” composes a cold, vast, and obscure dance-inducing aural space where an ominously bouncing, syncopated bassline prowls with menace and magnetism through steady whipping snare beats, distant atmospheric percussive blasts, and sinister airy synth swathes, to fuse into a tumultuous emotional storm around the powerful and haunted male vocals’ alluring baritone command releasing shame, fatigue, and doubt into the burgeoning horizons of hope.

In the first of a series of visual stories that will lead to the full EP release, cinematographer Steve François merges two-time lines using an adrenaline-fueled chase scene set against a murky enigmatic flashback to ignite the mind’s eye of imagination with acute curiosity. A disenchanted forest of fear surrounds a lonely lad with isolation and terror as he runs for his life from a mysterious past as dim neon-lit partyers heighten the intensity with cool and edgy dance moves and style on point with the dark, erotic cinematics of the soundtrack.

Ultra Sunn‘s upcoming sophomore 6-track EP “Body Electric” is slated for release, on ltd. Vinyl 12″/Special CD (includes “Body Electric”+”Night Is Mine” EPs), on September 24, 2021, via Cold Transmission Music.

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