WL//WH Video Of The Day: ULTRA SUNN “The Shadows”

Video Of The Day Ultra Sunn

ULTRA SUNN is a DIY post-punk/electro/coldwave duo formed in 2019 in Brussels by Sam Hugé (former leader of the rock band Fantøme) and Gaelle Souflet.

Following last September’s debut “Night Is Mine”, the pair have just dropped their sophomore single “The Shadows”, accompanied by the self-released video for the song.

Heavy danceable, unremitting, lashing rhythmic beats and hypnotic buzzing vibrations set the intensely urgent tone, while scattered quick handclaps clash through swelling bass resonance pierced by direly ominous bright synth notes for dramatically desperate male vocals to inject fear and anxiety into the moody atmosphere of secrecy.

Existing in the shadows gives a man the ability to see through the façade of poses, roses, and denial, revealing a dark reality of yearning, isolation, and helplessness as a plead to “open your eyes and face your fears” seems spoken as much for himself as another.

Neon purple and pale blue lights scour the screen as the lens takes  focus on a colorless bouquet of flowers., Beams merge and mutate into a kaleidoscopic backdrop pulsing to the rhythmic dance beat. Rays of fuchsia and teal soar across two expressionless faces with shifty eyes creating an ambiance of mystery and deception. Contemplative expressions blur and melt into the Psychedelic landscape smearing shadows over secrets, leaving the foreboding token of blossoms, stained in neon beauty, untouched.

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