WL//WH Video Of The Day: TWINS IN COLOUR “Hit by An(other) Iceberg”


Following the April 2023 EP “In Event of Moon Disaster”, the Leipzig-based three-piece Dream Pop /Synth-Wave band Twins in Colour return with the double single, “Hit By An(other) Iceberg / Eternal Cigarette Break”, which “blurs the boundaries between Post-punk and Psychedelic, seabed and big city.”

Accompanied by a symbolic video by Hanna, the aptly titled “Hit by An(other) Iceberg” is equally the darker alter ego of one of the trio’s earlier dream-pop songs, originally included, as “Hit by an Iceberg”, on the 2021 EPThey Haven’t Built The Ships We Need”, and a reinterpretation of the Titanic tragedy of 1912.

Haunting, dark, and alienating, like the lyrical reference to the bottom of the North Atlantic sea, “Hit by An(other) Iceberg” stirs insistent lilting heart pounding palpitations, punctuated by stark echoing metronomic snares, with droning bass lines under beautiful stoic atmospheric vocals, that shift into melancholic longing along with dim lullabye-esque somber keyboard melodies, to end with eerie whistles of gloomy isolation and fear.

Translucent overlays and glitchy flows of motion create a specterly ‘under the veil’ feel around an intimate bedroom rehearsal to sync with the liminal sentiments of the soundtrack. An imaginative, somehow disturbing play with lights and shadows manifests vintage auras over a person-less urban backdrop whilst dismal grey skies and skeletal structures evoke a troubling, restless feeling of being lost and alone.

Twins in Colour‘s, “Hit By An(other) Iceberg / Eternal Cigarette Break”, will be available January 26, 2024, as a double digital single, via All My Ghosts label.

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