WL//WH Video Of The Day: TWIN RAINS “You’re The Only One”

Video Of The Day TWIN RAINS

Canadian Dream Pop duo based in Toronto,  Twin Rains, comprised of musician-producer Jay Merrow and singer Christine Stoesser, both formerly of Make Me Young, follow a couple of well-received studio albums spread over 5 years, between 2016 (“Automatic Hand”) and 2021 (“Unreal City”), with the brand new single “You’re the Only One” written, recorded and produced by the band, featuring Gigi Smith on drums, and the related stroboscopic music video directed by Danny Alexander.

An impassioned rush of obsessive pain-fueled guitar strings, misty reverbs, throbbing bass lines, abrasive riffs, hypnotic stumbling drum beats, and crushed icy bright melodies flow in and out of chaotic emotional frequencies around powerful atmospheric female vocals, intensely shedding shameful memories into wailing sheering swathes of newfound desire.

Surreal black and white visuals shot by Danny Alexander perfectly manifest the intense lyrical declaration of “You’re the Only One”  by injecting foggy smoke-filled auras with shocking strobe lights, to surround the band’s performance with supernatural visions. Creative editing blends past and present timelines using ghostly, translucent overlays, haunting shadows, and mirror ball reflections to open the shapeshifting metaphysical dimension of everlasting love.

“You’re The Only One” single artwork

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