WL//WH Video Of The Day: TWIN RAINS “Laws of the Universe”

Video Of The Day TWIN RAINS

Toronto-based Dream Pop duo Twin Rains, made up of multi-instrumentalist-producer Jay Merrow and singer Christine Stoesser, both former members of Make Me Young,  have dropped a symbolic DIY video for the new single  “Laws of the Universe”, featuring Greg Smith on drums and Jessica Hana Deutsch on violin, to give us a tantalizing preview from their forthcoming third LP.

The concept of this song was prompted by an episode of  ‘Succession’, the one where Kendall speaks at his father’s funeral, saying basically: ‘Yeah we know he wasn’t a nice person—but look at what he accomplished.’ So one moment I’m watching TV and the next I’m in deep contemplation because I find this to be such a profound philosophical debate—what’s more important, your life and how you treat the people and places in it, or your legacy?

Nestled at a crossroads where elements of Psychedelia, Trip-hop, Baroque Rock, and Shoegaze seamlessly melt and harmonize, the Canadian pair explore both immersive and ethereal, as well as stirring and turbulent orchestral cinematic soundscapes, pervaded by a profoundly intimate dimension and seductive existential melancholia.

Imaginative and surreal, the single pours sinuously through swaying lush ripples of plodding drum beats and warm lithe bass throbs, wreathed in layers of hearty blowing melancholic violin swathes with fuzzed-out guitar textures, shimmering strings, and twinkly sad echoing keys, to build an intoxicating swirling veil of melodious emotive uplift over drowsy euphoric vocals and distant celestial cries, falling weightless through a cool open expanse of fluffy glacial mists and searing agonizing 6-string leads. 

Soul-stirring and subconscious, the DIY lyric video, tinged light red with the help of Danny Alexander, blends vast glistening ocean waves with intimate translucent overlays, and an array of symbolic imagery, to sync magically with the psychic realm of the soundtrack. Aerial acrobatics, both organic and mechanical, bewitch with flying amazement whilst kaleidoscopic skyscraper configurations bend and expand in tandem with lyrical alchemy, opening inter-dimensional perception where archetypal insight waits to become wisdom.

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