WL//WH Video Of The Day: TUELIPE “Chien et Loup” (Animated by MACA ROSEE)

Video Of The Day   TUELIPE

Tuelipe is the one-woman DIY solo project of Reunion Island based musician Pascale Bessem from the band Kilkil, whose self-taught skills take influence from The Fall, Young Marble Giants, The Sound, and KaS Product to strive for minimalist creations with ‘pocket’ monophonic analog synthesizer flairs.

Capetown, South Africa-based Director, Illustrator & Animator 2D & 3D nomadic visual artist from The Reunion Island,  Maca Rosee creates a wonderfully imaginative animated video for “Chien et Loup / Dog and Wolf” to give us a taste of last February’s debut album, “Mono Game”, via Maudit Tangue label, an absolutely little gem absolutely to recover if you let him slip away.

Minimal, immersive configurations connect the dots between warped warbling bass tones, stacked marching beats, pinpoint synth chimes, and slashing jolts to build expansive “thinking” frequencies around soft yet urgent vocal emotions, flying dreamily and angsty above the heady circuit-board, to mirror lyrical contemplations about ordinary struggles left striving for harmony through thoughtful obsession.

This clip is a re-writing of two tales “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Skeleton Woman”. A story of femininity, of connection with wild nature (the wolf, the dog), the metamorphosis of the woman into a wolf is a way of illustrating her connection with the natural world, the cycles of nature, the transformation of the body and emotions. It is a constant shift between human and nature, which constantly meet, collide and play an important role in the unfolding of this history.

The whimsical illustrative video by Maca Rosee brings the mindful soundtrack to life by blending fanciful esoteric thought forms of dualism and balance into a vibrant, shapeshifting atmosphere of surreal dreams. Swirling psychedelic orchestrations focus the mind’s eye of interpretation toward the conflicting nature of women using the metaphor of a “dog and wolf” to manifest fearful, out-of-control werewolf transformations. Altogether a positive representation of the hidden fears experienced from emotional bondage that systemically manipulates guilt and shame from behind the spectacular veil of altered perceptions.

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