WL//WH Video Of The Day: ТУЧА / TUCHA “Ти винна / You’re Guilty”

Video Of The Day    ТУЧА

Two years since the debut album, “Evil”, in 2019, Ukrainian Independent Dark Wave artist based in Kiyv, Maria Tuchka, AKA ТУЧА has shared a fully DIY music video, created with the help from a few friends, for the immersive new electronic single “Ти винна” (You’re Guilty), taken from the upcoming mini-LP, “Toxic”, that will be preceded, on September 10th, by a second track entitled “Masochism”.

Ти винна” sets forth inspirational lyrics that stand against contemporary society’s notion of learned helplessness and harness guilt, blame, and fear into a fierce source of strength and independence.

Enticing Dark Pop anticipation ignites urgent and treacherous bass tones, rambunctious rolling dance beats, and vibrant hypnotic yet sinister flashing synth explosions into a tumultuous sway of exciting and mesmeric flows, syncing moody surges of magnetic affirmations, rapid obsessive rants, and layered “back-up” reinforcements into a wildly subconscious storm of feisty female energy.

The disenchanted visuals dive into the basement dwellings of the soul to arouse dark introspective wanderings. Blurry red and blue dimensions breed heady revelations with distorted mirror reflections, strobing effects, and a disjointed flow of motion to release anger and passion into/ a rising tide of dissymmetry. Nightmarish mental contortions extract ominous two-faced shadows, turbulent untamed emotions, and obscure universal symbols to tame nocturnal demons from the fabled shadow self into an arousing submission of empowerment. Dramatic poses, edgy dance moves, and penetrating eye contact invoke mind-bending thought using an inverted lens of dread, concocting an intoxicating and transformative diorama of sight and sound.

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