WL//WH Video Of The Day: TRUCK STOP ALIEN “Flight Guide”

Video Of The Day Truck Stop Alien

Perth based synth-heavy DIY project Truck Stop Alien, created by former DTHWBBA/WhiteFawn and UIU mastermind Greg Weir along with his partner Belinda Eldridge, are fresh from releasing their new EP “Corridors of the Mind”.
An ’80s inspired, strikingly atmospheric sci-fi vortex, cloaked in punk aesthetic, made of punchy hypnotic rhythms, space-out abrasive psychedelic synth-riffs and disconnected, mind-expanding vocals, floating through a heady subliminal expanse towards the dark unknown corners of the galaxy.

The band have just dropped the visuals for the track “Flight Guide”.

Slow warped synth lines undulate, fading into repetitive decay hit with sporadic sputtering drum beats and spasmodic spacey circular patterns, swishing into expanding hazy horizons, as gentle, serene foggy female vocals soar in restrained emotional intensity, bleeding smothered screams into the lysergic rhythmic dimensions.

Abstract lyrics mind travel through life’s unbalanced tedium of ritualistic slumber, in an out of body observation unbound by time.

Blurry transparent overlays melt in and out, spinning a psychedelic meteor shower over curious space cat wanderings, sexy shadow dancing, and synth chord illustrations, while pulses of colour dance with musical tones, forming a kaleidoscopic universe of cosmic hypnosis.

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