WL//WH Video Of The Day: TROPICAL HORSES “A Romance In Qartaj”


Since his raw lo-fi surf/garage origins at the start of the 2010s, Paris-based, French one-man band Tropical Horses, led by Max-Antoine Le Corre, has consistently embraced mesmeric noise and hazy melodicism, incorporating a stack of sonic elements from Post-punk, Shoegaze, Industrial, Ethnic, Funk, and Krautrock, cruising on the visceral musical fringe inspired by Velvet Underground, Suicide, My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division laced with a punk attitude, resulting in an equally immersive, chaotic and seething psychedelic experience.

Tropical Horses drops a stirring aesthetic video by Nicolas Louédoc for “A Romance in Qartaj”, a track taken from last year’s 7-track sophomore album“Fever” via fellow independent label Le Turc Mecanique.

A heady concoction of drones and repetitions, “A Romance In Qartaj” rouses feelings of love and lust with steamy romantic lyrics inspired by Gustave Flaubert’s 1862 historical tale “Salamba”, amid harsh buzzing and swelling guitar riffs, throbbing bass sequences, eerie synth flourishes, crisp rolling percussions, and shifting drum beats, unraveling into a restless mystical atmosphere around high, angsty vocals, aching and longing in the agony and ecstasy of carnal pleasure, whilst panting breathlessly into obsessive desire.  

Evocative stream-of-consciousness visuals by Nicolas Louédoc fuse heat-seeking textures with suggestive expressions and crafty time-lapsed editing to blur past and present timelines into a liminal realm of tragic amorous visions. Notable artworks shot on location at the Louvre museum, shuffle historical figures with intimate bedroom play to transport the viewer into the uninhibited sensuality and brutality of the Flaubertian-themed soundtrack.

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