WL//WH Video Of The Day: TRIUMVIRS “Venusian Canvas”

Video Of The Day TRIUMVIRS

Peru‘s Electronic / Industrial duo based in Lima, Triumvirs, create a dark, distinctive analog sharp sound drawing from the 80s, E.B.M., and modern European darkwave to release a riveting video for the immersive track “Venusian Canvas” taken from the 10-track album “Venoms of Woe” released at the very end of 2020 via Mexican independent label We Are One Records.

Driving bass tone treachery throbs with menace and urgency through intoxicating, rambunctious beats, icy swirling synth swathes, and distorted searing keyboard stabs, while intense atmospheric male vocals release harsh whispers straining and suffering in silent warnings amid rapid, relentless hissing planes of secret rhythms and high-pitched frequencies of diabolical sadness.

Psychological lyrics unfold in an inner dialogue where an artist contemplates blowing their brains out on a canvas to create a final masterpiece in an attempt to ease the pain of guilt and find God.

Red and blue dimensions split alternate realities between vintage movie clips with illustrative effects and modern war-torn Disturbia to build adrenaline-fueled auras of impending doom. Awkward camera angles, blurry enhancements, and time warp editing techniques dement perception of a Post Apocalyptic setting, where a sinister musical performance, strewn in rubble and urban decay, erupts around memorable scenes from the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock film “North by Northwest” driving the mind’s eye of imagination into subconscious overdrive.

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