WL//WH Video Of The Day: TRICOR “Once Again”

Video Of The Day TRICOR

Marburg-based, East-German trio, Tricor, finely blend reverb-dusted shoegaze’s stellar guitar mist, icy haunting coldwave’s synth spell and mechanical post-punk’s rhythmic bleakness, in a thought-provoking DIY music video for the immersive new single “Once Again”, taken from the upcoming EP „Pools of Midnight“, due out December 6, 2020, produced by the guitarist and singer of New York’s The Vacant Lots, Jared Artaud.

Heavy visceral beats and rapidly pulsing bass lines drive thundering rhythms, pierced by emotional guitar string melodies under haunted, spectre like vocal’s harsh atmospheric graze, while flickering reverb strewn layers lit with shivering icy synth bursts and warm expanding horizons, to seep fear and urgency into the vast unknown.

Introspective lyrics reveal frustrating nights spent trying to emulate what others expect and perceive to be real.

The enigmatic video flashes evocative black and white imagery to build a surreal story around the penetrating grey gaze of an anonymous girl on the dancefloor.  Poignant scenes depict intimate moments from life drawing abstract thoughts from the subconscious mind with sleeping reflections, non-committal hand gestures, and hidden identities, while primal transitions of a frenzied spider spinning a web, the concealment of a white palm blossom, and an intense, emotional dance sequence, draw forbidden secrets and nocturnal fantasies into the hypnotic mixture.

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