WL//WH Video of the Day: Totengeläut “Deprived”

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We had already highlighted last September (here), Totengeläut [Death Knell in English], the darkwave project of vocalist & lyricist Luna Nogood and dark electronic musician Björn Peng based out of  Freiburg, Germany
‘Putting into music what cannot be put into words about the Syrian civil war’, the 7-track debut album “Aleppo” is finally scheduled for release on November 2, 2018 via Reach Another System (ltd. black vinyl) and Anette Records (ltd. clear vinyl). 

The second single “Deprived”, is introduced by a sinister foreboding bass synth line that underscore the wounded angelic detached cries of agony and pain. Slapping drum beats lash as layered synths build into a more melodic 80’s synth-pop wave danceable number. Choked whimpers gasp echoed by the anguished cries of others. Clapping drum beats lay the foundation for the clear, crisp angry voice of recognition and vengeance chanting as the synths swell and the drum beats louder.

Violated, stripped of her humanity, and forced to relive torture of years long passed, a woman is left with nothing, not even a body. Detached from her body she watches the violence from above, like a third person. Scarred for life, she no longer feels safe inside her own body. Her soul will never feel peace again, nor will her body feel rest.

The powerful and visceral accompanied video shows different faces of men, women, and children of all ethnicity, ages and backgrounds chanting the words of the song. Vast land and seascapes rolling behind dead vacant eyes exemplifying the huge depth and breadth of abuse. No one is immune, so many souls are affected everyday, some with no way out.

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